Why Is a Privacy Policy Necessary?

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The website you are visiting and its rightful owners are proactive in addressing all privacy issues at the highest level and ensure that the necessary steps are taken in a timely manner throughout your visit to the website. This platform complies with all player privacy standards and laws in force in India.

Use of Cookies

According to the latest legal requirements for websites, they need to obtain consent from users before using cookies on the device through which the player is using the website. The website you are currently on uses such cookies to improve the user experience when visiting the platform. The website also uses a system that controls the number of cookies and allows users to deny or allow the use of cookies on the device being used when they first visit the platform. 

Cookies are a small piece of file data that are sent by a web service and store information about the user’s actions while using the website. The sending of such files makes it possible to provide users with customized offers related to the use of this platform. If you originally agreed to the use of cookies and then changed your mind in the security settings of the web browser you are using, you can refuse the use of cookies.

This website uses Google Analytics software to best track customer usage and help you better understand your customers. This software is not used to store or collect users’ personal information, but only monitors and tracks your use of the website. If you want the full details, please read Google’s service privacy policy. 

Some cookies may be left on your hard drive by outside vendors while this website uses advertising links and referral programs. This type of cookie is stored for up to 30 days and is used solely for referral and conversion purposes. Your personal data is not collected, transmitted or stored anywhere.

Contact and Communication

Customers’ personal information remains strictly confidential and is only kept until it is no longer needed. Users who use the web page do so on a voluntary basis and submit requested personal data at their own risk, all in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The company has made every effort to provide a secure and safe form of emailing, but when using this form (sending messages) users do so voluntarily. 

All information you provide to this website is used by its owners for the sole purpose of providing you with a full range of information about the services and products they offer or to answer questions you may have while visiting the platform. For example, the use of the data that you provide may be to subscribe to a newsletter at the e-mail address that the website uses, to which the user has voluntarily consented. Or if the user has purchased a service or product in the past from the company to which the newsletter relates. In this case, the user’s data will not fall into the hands of third parties.

Email Newsletter

This website uses an email newsletter program to inform subscribers about the services and products provided by this website. Users can voluntarily subscribe to the newsletter if they use the automated online process. The platform also provides a separate category of subscriptions, which are processed manually after obtaining prior agreement with the user in writing. 

Any data that may relate to subscriptions is stored securely and is not shared with third parties or companies outside of the company’s website. 

In the event that you require a copy of the personal information held about you by the newsletter program you may request it under the Data Protection Act 1998, you may be charged an additional fee for this. You can contact the service address at the bottom of this policy to obtain such a copy. 

Active user activity may be tracked and then stored on a database for analysis and evaluation. Some of the actions included in the term “active actions” are: forwarding/opening emails, clicking on links contained in an email, frequency of actions/date/time, etc. Such information is necessary to refine future email campaigns and provide the client with suitable content that is based specifically on their activity. 

The customer can unsubscribe at any time using the automated system. If the automated unsubscribe system is not active, the user will be provided with data and instructions on how to unsubscribe by other methods.

Social Media Platforms

Any interaction, action or communication that takes place using the external social media platforms that this website or its owners use also complies with all the terms and conditions of the privacy policy that applies to each of the social media platforms. 

This platform or its owners never solicit sensitive/personal information through social media platforms and encourages users wishing to discuss any sensitive details to communicate using only the main channels of email or phone number. Use social media platforms judiciously interact with them with utmost care regarding your privacy and personal details. Users can unsubscribe at any time through an authorized system, in case it is not available, instructions will be provided. 

This website provides the ability to use social media buttons to help share web content directly from the web page to social media platforms. Before using the social media buttons please note that you do so at your own discretion and you are aware that the social media platform may store and track your requests to share a web page through your account.


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